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Urgent need for new committee members


Do you use the Village Hall?  Might you want to do so in the future?  Do you think that things could be done differently or improved?  Would you be sorry to see it close and maybe even demolished?

The Village Hall Trust is managed by a small committee and with the resignation of the Chairman and Treasurer as from 31st December 2020, together with the resignation of Jen Close as booking clerk and the imminent departure from the village of the secretary, Catherine Bower, replacements are urgently needed


Why these resignations?   Thirty years ago I was chairman of the Parish Council, Jen was clerk and Peter had had to take ill-heath retirement from work; so make a worthwhile contribution to the village life of West Malvern.



Worcestershire is now in Tier 3 for coronovirus, and that will restrict
the Village Hall's activity.




Risk assessments have been
carried out and measures put in place so that the Hall is classed as
Covid 19 Secure Premises.



Additional documentation setting out the procedures and regulations which have to be followed during this difficult time are available from the booking officer - Jen Close @ jenclose2@icloud.com


Unfortunately the monthly
Coffee Mornings
have been suspended
for the time being




November 2020


Chairmanís Report on behalf of the Management Committee    


As in most spheres of life, this year has been far from normal as far as the Village Hall is concerned. Along with every village hall throughout the land, we had to close our doors in mid-March, and we were unable to re-open them until the 16th of last month.  It was good to be once again fulfilling our purpose of providing a venue for a variety of groups within our community Ė more are always welcome.  Sadly the lockdown returned and we will not be able to reopen before the first week of December.


During this time the Parish Council have held their meetings via Zoom. That is something which is beyond the capabilities of the current Chairman and Treasurer Ė hence this virtual AGM via the website.  The Chairman and Treasurer are both happy to respond to any questions that their reports may raise.


For the time being there are various regulations and restrictions which have been imposed by the government with which both we and our users have to comply.  For users these are spelt out in the Hirers Risk Assessment and in the Additional Conditions of Hire, these will no doubt change from time to time.


One of the things which we were legally compelled to do was to provide a one way route through the Hall, with separate entrance and exit.  This has been achieved by using the fire-door leading onto Danzell Drive as a temporary exit.  Although far from ideal, the alternative of exiting via the Fisher Hall would be impractical for many users, due to the steepness of the stairs.


I would especially like to thank two people without whom it would not have been possible to reach the point of being able to re-open.  They are, our secretary, Catherine Bower, who has done so much in very practical ways, from attending virtual meetings, to sourcing and providing everything from notices to hand-sanitizer.  Jen Close, our booking clerk isnít even on the committee, but she has provided an invaluable sounding board about such things as the best way to rephrase documents and the best way to deal with the never ending stream of problems, as well as keeping would-be hirers up to date with what was happening.


Looking back to life before lockdown:

Committee member Val Webb made an excellent job of tiling the area of wall behind the new cooker.  The microwave stopped working and was replaced by one with slightly larger capacity. 


Work was carried out to repair the retaining wall behind the premises.


The annual Vital Spark concert, held on 18th December was well attended and enjoyed by all.  This was the first time that the concert had not been conducted by John Williams and although Jackie very ably stepped into the breach, we missed both him and his annually repeated jokes.  A few months later we were all saddened to hear of Johnís death.


A Christmas Day lunch (suggested by Natalie Watkins and organised by Catherine) was enjoyed by about 30 people.


It has not been possible to recommence the monthly coffee mornings both because of the present lack of kitchen facilities and also the vulnerability of most of the regular attenders.


It is good to be able to report that progress has been able to continue and even expand during lockdown on the Village Archives, in large measure this has been due to the enthusiastic involvement of Catrin Meredith.


The decision was taken in November of last year that the Hallís financial year should be changed from 1st September - 31st August to conform to the calendar year.  In order for the adjustment to be made it was agreed that the current financial year would be extended to 31st December 2019.


This will be the final report that I make as chairman of the Village Hall Committee. In February 2018 Peter and I agreed to serve on the committee for a short period of time, which we envisaged as being about one year.  At a meeting on 5th November 2018 the then chairman announced his intention of standing down with immediate effect.  Rob Crawford had been the treasurer for some time, and had continued in that role although he was no longer on the committee. Peter, who had previously acted as treasurer, agreed to take on that role temporarily.  I reluctantly agreed to serve as interim chairman. Peter and I have both come to the decision that the time has come for us to resign from the committee, with effect from 31st December 2020.  Peter will complete the preparation of the 2020 accounts but is looking for someone to take over the 2021 work as of 1st January 2021. 


Catherine Bower will also be leaving the committee early in the New Year as she will be moving away from West Malvern.  This will leave a major gap in the committee on which she has faithfully served over many years fulfilling a variety of roles, most recently as secretary.    


Valerie Goodbury,

Chairman, West Malvern Village Hall Management Committee


                                      updated 15.12.2020






                                                The entrance to the Village Hall

The Village Hall is on West Malvern Road, near the junction with Ebrington Road.


                                             Sadly there is no parking by the Village Hall

There are two halls available for hire, the
Upper Hall, and the lower Fisher Hall.

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