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AGM 7th October 2019


Report from the Chairman on behalf of the Committee      


There have been a number of changes since the last AGM, not least in the membership of the committee.


The premises have been well used during the past twelve months and we ought to have a pretty healthy village as regular users groups include Pilates and Fitness for both men and women; yoga and meditation.  The weekly Toddler group continues as an early introduction to the youngest element of the village of the joys of using the Village Hall.  Art classes have added an element of creativity, as has the Garden and Nature Club whose annual show was held at the end of August.


Occasional events have included a number of private parties and two very enjoyable Far Flung Feasts.


In the past the committee has been responsible for organizing a number of events but for various reasons these have dwindled to two; the monthly coffee morning and the annual Christmas Concert by Vital Spark. 


Sadly the numbers attending the concert last December were down on previous years, this was particularly disappointing as it was a special celebration, marking 25 years since this annual delight began.


Thanks to Chan for looking after the coffee morning, even though she is no longer on the committee.  The one held last week was the annual MacMillan fund raising event and a total of 360 pounds was raised for that very worthy cause.


Money has been spent on two major items during the year.  One is visible to anyone entering the kitchen, our bright shiny new cooker.  A great deal of time and thought was spent on deciding as to which would be the most suitable; the one chosen is dual-fuel and has three useable oven spaces.  At present we only have baking trays for the narrow oven as we are having some difficulty sourcing ones of a suitable size for the other ovens that maximise the space available.


The other major expenditure was on electrical work.  A thorough examination revealed several serious and potentially dangerous problems.  These have now been remedied and a number of other improvements carried out.


What are we hoping to do during the next twelve months?  Up-date the constitution.  Carry out more improvements to make the place an even more attractive venue for new users as well as our regular ones.  Re-tile the kitchen wall where the cooker is situated, a member of the committee has volunteered to do this.


In my role of chairman I would like to thank the members of the committee for all that they have done during the past year.  We are fortunate in having a committee who do far more than just attend meetings - from fulfilling the roles of secretary and treasurer, to examining the state of the roof!  New recruits to the committee would be very welcome, bringing fresh ideas and hopefully lowering the average age range.


As a committee we would be unable to function without two very helpful non-members.  Natalie Watkins who runs the 100 Club, and Jen Close our ever helpful bookings clerk.  Thanks also to our cleaner/caretaker David Sample.


Valerie Goodbury





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