New Look Coffee Morning


Each month the Hills Echo carries an advertisement for the monthly coffee morning in the village Hall. In some way it fulfils its original purpose in that it provides a meeting place for a few regulars (plus the occasional visitor) that have not seen each other since the previous month.

Once a year things are different when the gathering has the purpose of being part of the national fund raising efforts for MacMillan.  This year it had a real buzz, with people sitting at every table enjoying friendly chat and refreshments, with a variety of items for sale.  Three hundred and sixty pounds was raised for a very good cause.

In the coming year we would like to try a new-look coffee morning, still meeting on the first Thursday of the month at the Village Hall but with a regular fund-raising focus. 

The funds raised can be for (almost) any charity or good cause provided that it is supported by someone in West Malvern who is prepared to organise it.

We will make the hall available and the opportunity to advertise the event, together with information about your charity on our website (all without charge) and we will supply coffee (for which we will make a small charge) but no other refreshments.

You will be responsible for preparation of the hall for the event and for leaving it as found, organising stalls of your choice (e.g. refreshments, white elephant, cakes, books, etc.) and finding volunteers to staff them, and any additional publicity for the event.  

Also ensuring no one leaves cars parked on double-yellow lines outside the Hall or blocks the adjacent driveway (Danzell Drive).

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Village Coffee Mornings are currently held on the first Thursday of every month, from 10.15am to 12 noon.  

Produce is often on sale and the 100 Club draw takes place.  

Come and meet your neighbours, enjoy a chat and catch up.  


We look forward to seeing you.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

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